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This festival is for people who love theatre...making it, watching it and talking about it...an opportunity to show your work, learn, discuss, write and try something new.

We programme technical, performing and producing workshops. They are both participatory and toolkit workshops full of practical advice. You can book your choices online ahead of the festival.

We have daily discussions about all the shows and wider social and political issues. This year we talked about the need for more Integrated and Gender Blind Casting and about Female Leadership in Theatre.

The shows are varied and chosen because we consider them the best we have seen. This year there were 10 new plays in the 14 chosen from 125 entries. They dealt with a whole host of themes from the refugee crisis to family trauma and breakdown to the the loss of a loved one and longstanding grief. The 2016 festival included a brand new musical and 6 new plays by young writers amongst the 12 productions. In 2015 we had a site responsive Pinter, 2 Broadway musicals, two new verbatim plays and a madcap musical adaptation of The Nutcracker in an 11 room Victorian house. 

We are interested in all kinds of performance: plays, musicals, dance pieces or operas, staged in all kinds of ways.

You can write and review for Noises Off magazine and perform anything you want at our new Cabaret that had its debut this year.

There will be a themed dance on one night and the legendary quiz on the Wednesday night.

Networking with all the professionals in the bar and getting feedback and advice is the joyful end of every day.

Thank you so much! I am honoured to be a part of such an incredible showcase of talent. I have made amazing contacts from it. 

Modupe Salu  |  I Can't Breathe 2016


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The whole week was a fantastic opportunity to meet other people who were passionate about theatre and who weren't scared of doing things in different ways, to see new, exciting shows and learn from the top people in the industry. It was incredible!

Charlie Bindels  |  Festgoer