Technical Team

We will be announcing info about how to join our Technical Team for NSDF 18, shortly. 

The Technical Team work wonders; if you join them you’ll receive training in lighting, sound and video operation, stage management, artist liaison and more. You’ll get to work with state of the art equipment, provided by some of the biggest suppliers in the Industry. You’ll build venues from the ground up, adapt unconventional spaces to make them ready for performance, work in professional theatres and studios and then tech any number of the 12/13 productions we host during the week. You’ll also have the freedom to play with lights, video, sound as you design and tech our evening events such as the open mic night and parties. Being on the Tech Team will give you an intensive introduction to, and training in, whatever aspect of technical design/management you’re interested in, and we’ll make sure that you attend workshops with leading industry figures in your areas of interest. No experience is necessary - full training will be given - although if you have some experience, you’ll likely be given a role with more responsibilities. Our 13 experienced professionals, the Tech Team Pros, are constantly on hand to guide, inform and support you. 

Please check out our FAQ's and the Day in the Life article below.

sponsorship and equipment


You will get use the most up to date equipment provided by our sponsors in workshops and in supporting the productions.

Our main technical sponsor is SLX


In the past two years equipment has been supplied by:

All Access | Ambersphere | Avolites | Blackout | D & B Audiotechnik | Design Software Solutions | Eaton – Zero 88

etc ltd | Figure 53 | Green Hippo | Goboplus.Com | Lee Filters | Lyon Equipment | Martin Professional | Nexo Sa

Shure Distribution | UK Stage Sound Services | Troikatronix | YSLV

day in the life of a tech team member

by Elin Schofield 2015

Scarbados: a quiet seaside town boasting a population mostly made up of canines.  Over the Easter break, students from all over the country descend on the town, meaning the sleepy streets are no longer. It is the National Student Drama Festival. On arriving at the festival and watching great student theatre you would never believe that on any other Wednesday afternoon this black box theatre, home of Into The Woods, is actually a school gymnasium. You would never believe that the Christmassy family abode, home to The Nutcracker, is usually a disused boarding house.

How do they make it look so good and completely transform these everyday buildings, you say?

Well, I can tell you for free, it is not the ‘magic of theatre’

A band of merry, black-clad technicians creates these amazing venues from scratch in a matter of days. This Easter, I joined the team (and the madness) and I am here to give you the low-down, the 411, the rollercoaster ride that is The Tech’ Team.

8.00 It’s an early start and knowing Scarborough it is probably drizzling, but with a bacon roll and a strong coffee, you don the steelies and you’re off to start the build. There are trucks ready for unloading, filled with shiny, shiny loot from our lovely sponsors and that spurs you on as your t shirt soaks through.

10.00 Workshops for the day begin and you’re still struggling to choose which one you want to do! From sound desk workshops, to pyrotechnics, there are so many things to learn and so much equipment that you’re desperately trying not to break.

12.00 The rig is out, the floor a sea of wires and you’re (read: I’m) stranded in the middle holding cables with funny names. Don’t worry though, Technical Advisors are on hand to help, with a smile and an obnoxiously bright high visibility jacket, you solve the problem and you’re onto the next job. The venue is beginning to take shape. Have a well-deserved sandwich.

15.00 The venue is coming along great guns and you’re draping now.  You’re bogies will be black for days but you don’t care about that. You look around you and you can hardly remember the gymnasium that it was this morning. You’re satisfied and exhausted, but mostly satisfied, and excited that tomorrow Parade will be on the very stage that you are going to paint later on.

18.00 It’s dinner time in Carborough (sorry), and that means getting all the energy you need to get through the evening shift - lasagne and garlic bread and chips and profiteroles - life is good. Davie G has asked if someone wants to operate the lights during the evening show in another venue and you eagerly want to check it out (you secretly love Pinter). So off you go (it is still raining, probably). 

22.00 The Dumbwaiter comes down to rapturous applause and you give yourself a secret smile. You couldn’t work that desk this morning and just now you have pulled it off like a pro. You’re chatting with the cast and crew and next thing you know you’ve made it to the bar to greet the rest of the team and exchange success stories from the day.

02.00 Skip to a few hours later. You’re tired and cold on the walk back to your room, but you are victorious. You beat the TA’s at Tupple ™ and the other technicians look at you as if you’re a goddess. You’ve had one pint too many at the quiz which may make getting up tomorrow a little harder but hey, tomorrow there are get-ins, get-outs, new shows and a Tupple™ rematch. So set your alarm, put your clothes on the radiator and get ready for another fun-packed, crazy day in good old Scarborough.