Technician Impossible #1 2016

20 March 2016

History is a series of vanishing memories. Which is why theatre can be an important cultural preserver, encasing the mosquito of significance in the amber of text, waiting for the scientists of drama to extract it and bioengineer it into performance (That's enough – ed.)

For example, Mark Ravenhill's Over There reminds us that a long long time ago there existed a large wall that split Berlin into East and West, and in 1989 – that's 27 years ago!!! – that wall was torn down. And while we got to see the impact that this wall had on two people's lives, we didn't actually get to see the wall itself. 

So, your first mission, oh glorious Tech Crew, is to build and then destroy the Berlin Wall, and remind us all of that moment when history ended. Bonus points if you get David Hasselhoff to perform on the wall during the demolition.