We're gonna have a good time tonight

Adam Hutton doesn't even want to understand Celebration, just bask in its loveliness

As the immortal words of Theroux suggest, this show isn't a show I understand. And I don't want to understand it. I don't want to dig any deeper into it. It was wonderful just as it was. I am sat in awe of it.

This show was joy in theatrical form. Clearly a lot of thought has gone into working it out, and it shows. It takes great skill to make something look so unplanned and spontaneous. The adorable innocence of the two of them together was the glue that held this piece together. For an hour they let us into their brains, and I didn't want to leave.

Mention must be made to the touching moment of humanity that was present within the show. Kate was vulnerable and intimate, which was a privilege to be a part of.

This is a show that reminds you of the childhood joy we all had. For an hour none of the stresses of the real world could get in. This was a safe happy space. If Bob Ross made theatre this would be it. 

Frankly, this was a breath of fresh air, so unexpected yet so welcome. 

Fuck it.

Thank you, Emergency Chorus. 

To sum up

Every person in the audience left the theatre grinning from ear to ear, and what more can you ask for? 

Stray observations

  • I would like to thank Ben for giving me the single most erotic experience of my life. Donald Trump has never interested me, but now. UUUUNNNGGHHHH. Just thinking about that tower of a man fills me with a lust unknown before this.
  • The fact that Bowie songs were present in the preset was the best. I'm biased, but that's how you get me on board immediately.
  • Clever use of tech throughout. The show would have worked without most of it, but each bit was perfectly placed.

Sexy points: The Donald Trump moment broke the sexyometer™.

Standout performer: Donald Trump.

Explain a play badly with Josh: We never lost joy and hope, they were just rehearsing for this show.

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Photo credit: Giulia Delprato